Apr 24, 2010

Connecting Flight?

Researchers are seen here experimenting with new air-to-air passenger transfer techniques which would drastically reduce airport landing fees and operations costs:

NOT! Crazy comes in so many flavors! Wow.

Apr 19, 2010

Random Touch and Goes at Zurich...

An aquaintance sent photos today and this note about his VFR flight at Zurich airport where all the jet-liner traffic is grounded. Making the best of a bad situation:

The Z├╝rich Airport LSZH is closed for IFR traffic due to the vulcan ashes from Iceland.
We have now unlimited operation for VFR General Aviation traffic on the international airport, not even landing tax!
I made 3 touch and go on 3 different long runways.

Apr 8, 2010

Creative Flight?

"Aviation isn't a profession where you're supposed to be creative."
This statement in a recent conversation got me thinking. Largely I agree except when we pilots have a chance to creatively solve problems. Which is why I enjoy flying into smaller centers rather than the big cities. When the traffic volume is saturated like it is all the time at New York, Chicago, Toronto, etc.. there's little room for pilot creativity. Either the system has been configured to handle the situation and the controllers apply it as required - or not. There is little for the pilot to do except ensure the proper amount of fuel is on hand to deal with the new plan.

So when thunderstorms are sweeping across Chicago from the west, it's not unusual for traffic from Toronto and Montreal to be re-routed north around a line of storms then south to approach the airport.

But at a smaller center, the pilot has room to create his or her own solution.

Case in point: Toronto to Winnipeg - arriving in the afternoon of a scorching day just as a line of severe thunderstorms are roaring towards the city from the west. The airport will be completely engulfed at our arrival.

We remain at cruising altitude, pick our way across the top of the line to the west side, then enter a holding pattern and spiral down the back side. By the time we reach ten thousand feet the worst of the storms have swept over the airport and we land straight in from the northwest. It's a smooth ride all the way and we use much less fuel compared to deviating around the storms.

Getting a little creative sometimes adds a deeper sense of job satisfaction.