Jul 30, 2009

Where the name comes from...

A friend checking out in my homebuilt (I'm happy to report that the wings stayed on for him too ;-)

Jul 3, 2009

A Non-i-form that will never fly.

I won't even begin listing 
the reasons why this kind of uniform probably won't catch on.

Well, there ya go -- there's the first reason right there.  
Some things you just don't want getting caught...

First Local Flight - in space!?

This story is interesting in that it may be the first ever "local hop" flown in a spacecraft.  Earth-bound pilots are familiar with the concept of heading out for a local sight-seeing flight just for the fun of it.  Sometimes we'll stop at a local restaurant for a cup of coffee or a "hundred dollar hamburger."  Or we'll just motor around the local area on a fine evening to enjoy the experience of flight, then wander back home and tie down for the night.

This sounds like the space equivalent.  Albeit there was a purpose - to move the Soyuz lifeboat to another dock.  But I can imagine the conversations in the space station leading up to the "flight."

"So, I'm going for a short trip to the other side of the station.  Anyone want to come along for the ride?"