Mar 27, 2008


This young aviatrix and aircraft builder is truly headed for the stars! I'm in awe of the talent, drive, ambition, dedication and intelligence. Go Girl!

You'll find a couple more videos on her youtube channel:

Mar 25, 2008

Lava ejects from Hawaii's Halemaumau Crater


HILO, Hawaii - Small splatters of molten lava have been ejected from Hawaii's Halemaumau Crater for the first time since 1982. Officials with the U.S. Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory say some of the particles - the largest of which measure ten centimetres across - have landed on the rim of the crater. Scientists say the gas from the new vent at Halemaumau is thick with ash, making the plume from the 30-metre-wide vent appear brown.

Officials are continuing to monitor the activity, and say aviation agencies have been warned that the ash may threaten aircraft in the area.

Volcanic ash and debris represents a definite hazard to aircraft. Here's one of the most dramatic examples: click here

Mar 16, 2008

Come Josephine in My Flying Machine

I like these aerial sequences and the little ditty. I reminds me how much aviation has changed. We've come a long way, baby:

Mar 1, 2008


Much of a pilot's life is spent waiting. Waiting for the next lesson... Waiting for that flight test... Waiting for take off clearance... Waiting for "that special job" to materialize.

The waiting continues... Waiting for course dates... Waiting for check rides... Waiting for line assignment.

Waiting for take off clearance when the airport is busy... Oh yeah. That one again.

Waiting through ground delays, weather delays, mechanical delays.

Waiting for your next flight.

Waiting for next month's flight assignments so you can plan your life for another thirty days.


Right now we're waiting for spring. The taste has been in the air lately. I went out to the local airfield to re-park the little aircraft clear of some helicopter operations which are kicking up a lot of turbulence.

They're training new pilots in preparation for another busy summer of forestry work.

It's a good way to take advantage of the waiting...