Sep 20, 2007

How Long?

With the advent of ultra-long haul aircraft, it's common now to see scheduled flights lasting up to 13 hours and longer. Personally, anything more than 3 hours starts to wear me down. In the past when I was commuting from my home to my assigned base, I found that a 1 hour flight was busy-busy -- just get on, rush through a snack (ah, the good old days) and get off.

But for a couple of years I was commuting 2 hours and I actually preferred that. After a long day's work, I'd have time for a leisurely dinner (did I mention the good old days?), a movie, and maybe even a short nap, and I'd arrive home refreshed.

What about you? How long is your preferred flight? Short or long? Why? See my poll question in the top left margin and please feel welcome to share your reasoning in a comment.

Sep 6, 2007

The Times, They are A-Changing... again

I recently came across this item -- and noted with interest the claim that Air China is now the "world's most valuable carrier." I've never heard that term before. Does anyone know how this is calculated? It does show however, that the world is rapidly changing and there is a new world power for the west to contend with. How will it all play out? Historically, those with The Power do not relinquish it easily...

Air China open to mergers with rival carriers.

Air China, now the world's most valuable carrier, will consider the option of merging with other Chinese airlines, including China Southern Airlines, if the opportunity arises. Air China is examining a possible restructuring of the sector as competition from foreign airlines and newly arisen local carriers is growing following the opening of China's civil aviation market. Beijing is restructuring state-owned companies and the number of central government-controlled firms will fall sharply in coming years as they adapt to market changes and fend off competition. Air China's rivals include Shanghai Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and Hainan Airlines.

Source: Reuters