Jul 18, 2011

Classic old bird on the move...

The old Canso/PBY flying boat that's become such a visible landmark on the Nanaimo airport, is soon to be moved to a new home at the Evergreen Aviation and Space museum in Oregon. It'll be a unique opportunity to see (and hear) this classic old radial-engine powered aircraft fly again.

The earliest it might leave is tomorrow, Tuesday July 19th ... but a lot depends upon weather and any ongoing maintenance issues... Victoria Air Maintenance might have more up-to-date information about the plans as I think they are doing the work.

Here's a short video of the engine start up last week:


Foggy said...

'wings, would you believe it? A new freeware scenery pack for Nanaimo, for M$ F$im X, has just hit the download sites. It features that grand old lady as part of the package. The designer's are now going to have to remove her... or maybe not!

Thanks for the video - almost as good a sound as 4 R-R Merlins starting up on a Lanc.

Aluwings said...

The departure is now slated for this Saturday... (Aug. 6)

They tanked up with 2,000 liters of avgas yesterday, and multiple gallons of oil in each engine reservoir!

The Nanaimo Flying club is apparently hosting a farewell BBQ at noon(ish)... And the PBY crew are planning one "low & over" after takeoff, before heading south.

Come on down if you're able.