Jun 5, 2011

Augering In

An auger is a tool used to dig holes for fence posts, or holes in the ice on a frozen lake to go ice fishing.

"Augering in" is an expression used by pilots to describe what an aircraft does when it spins out of control and hits the ground.

Today as I was helping patrol the aircraft parking area at the Nanaimo Fly-In & Airshow, I turned at the sound of a very low-flying plane behind me just in time to watch the aircraft in the opening act of the airshow, auger in. It was a sickening sight. At my first glimpse I was aware that something wasn't as it should be, and in the space of about five seconds, it was over as the plane snap-rolled to the right and plowed into the grass on the far side of the runway. A sudden squelching of the engine roar. A dust cloud kicked up, and the silence.

That was a few hours ago now and according to the CBC news report "a 71 year old pilot was airlifted to Victoria Airport with life-threatening injuries..."

At least it seems, he survived the impact - he may still live... That's all I know right now.

And in the age of youtube, here's your chance to share the moment. Appropriate comments supplied by shocked spectators.
(better link from Jeremy - this should work better)


Jeremy said...

That link is defunct, but I found this one:


Aluwings said...

Thanks Jeremy. I'm working fom my ipad, but I may be able to edit that link.

Aviatrix said...

The new link is also offline now, but I don't really need to see it. I remember hearing about that crash, but didn't think that someone I knew might have witnessed it.

I've used it, but never stopped to think about the expression "augured in" before.

Aluwings said...

Thanks. If anyone wants to see it, there are several versions on youtube. I've recieved a report that the pilot has been upgraded from critical to whatever they call one stage better.

He's got a lot of healing to do, but it's positive news.