Apr 12, 2011

e-flight bags in Canada

I got this reply to a query regarding digital flight resources for Canada. Looks hopeful....

Begin forwarded message:

NAV CANADA is working towards modernizing Canadian Aeronautical publications to make them available in electronic format for flight planning and navigational use, where permitted by Federal regulations. 


While all products are currently available in print format for official planning and navigational use through our call centre, as well as our new online store (http://products.navcanada.ca/), some are also available in electronic format with certain limitations on use. 


We understand that our customers are anxious to access additional Canadian aeronautical products electronically.  Throughout this summer, we anticipate expanding some of these products further in download format (print your own page) from our online store starting with the Canadian Flight Supplement and the Canada Air Pilot in PDF format.  We will also be entering into agreements with various suppliers of aviation software applications for use with certain Portable Electronic Devices such as the iPad, iPhone and –readers. We will communicate specific details through our web site.


I hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.





Dennis Campbell

Aeropubs Customer Specialist, NAV Canada

Customer & Commercial Services



Aviatrix said...

About freaking time. I wonder if I saved the exchange of e-mails I had a couple of years ago on the subject. Nav Canada seemed to think that there was no operation for which mailing all the products in paper was not appropriate.

Aluwings said...

Apparently Foreflight has been in negotiations with NavCan to overcome some necessary $$ and copyright issues. Our system is privatized whereas this kind of data is in the public domain (I think) in the US.

I really like the Foreflight app so I'm looking forward to having better Canadian data included.

London Mabel said...

Okay but, forgetting you flyers for a minute and focusing on the customer, the real thing I need is the ability to read my ereader during takeoff and landing. That's when I'm most likely to want my book! This whole "no electronic devices" is very stone ageish. huff huff!

London Mabel said...

["undult" word verification = when someone has aged but never really grown up]

Aluwings said...

@London Mabel... Gets me wondering about that ban... Perhaps as we don't want any loose projectiles shooting through the cabin in case of an emergency stop from high speed...and we want passengers to clearly hear any announements... It's just easier to ban all the toys rather than singling out eReaders from iPads from laptops, from .... Etc.

Aluwings said...

Most pilots I know are undults... Just over-grown kids enjoying playing with their flying machines.

JetAviator7 said...

Aw, come on - pilots are not kids! We just love playing with all the toys in the cockpit making all the rest of you jealous! Beats those computer games!


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