Mar 28, 2010

Dead Tired part 3

This is the third section of the news investigation on pilot fatigue.

Two Big Picture issues are of interest.

One - the execs who led the charge to "walmartize" the airline industry are now resting comfortably on their big pay bonuses, happy in their pathalogical detachment from the consequences of their decisions. They admit no responsibility for anyone's death.

Two - we ultimately get what we're willing to pay for. The travelling public always votes with dollars for the kind of system we find acceptable. There's a saying that in a democracy, the people generally get the kind of government they deserve. If we are all a little greedy, dishonest, and self-absorbed, then let's not be surprised that this is what our leaders look like. The same principle obviously applies to every facet of our society.

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Cirrocumulus said...

"This is about everybody who flies" said the relative. What about everyone who's sitting underneath? Terrorists have no monopoly on endangering office and apartment blocks.