Mar 25, 2010

Dead Tired: part 1

This CBC documentary on pilot fatigue is excellent. Here's a link to part 1.
I don't know if this will be blocked outside of Canada.


sylvia said...

It works here in Spain so I guess it'll work for everyone. Just settling down to watch it. :)

Wayne Farmer said...

Blocked for me in Minnesota. Just need to be a little farther north. :)

Aluwings said...

... or move to Spain? Thanks Sylvia, good to know. It's getting so the internet is not so free-wheeling as it used to be. I fear it will soon be reduced to merely an "uber-T.V." with ads, required subscriptions and the ability for the suppliers to monitor our every move to better target their ads. So much for the dream of free and open communications. I do understand the need for the producers of the products to get paid however. A conundrum.