Jan 19, 2010

Data Raped?

In light of recent airline security issues the question of who knows what about us is of interest. What do we gain by giving up so much privacy?

Erasing David is a thought provoking documentary about the data streams we are all leaking:


Sarah said...

They're sorry, but the video I've selected cannot be streamed outside of Canada. World Wide Web, my a**.

Thanks anyway, looked interesting.

Aluwings said...

I looked for it on youtube but could only see this trailer... maybe on a BBC site somewhere?

dyanna said...

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Have a nice day.

DeAnn said...

Goodmorning~ just a quick note, my family was quite interested in the idea presented inthe trailer - thanks for bringing it up. My husband, who doesn't read blogs, has enjoyed hearing about some of the topics you look at. He was particularly interested in the neuroscience of screwing up. It's bookmarked on his laptop. He is reading a book now that I think you might enjoy thumbing through "Outliers"...the Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. Chapter 7 titled: the ethic theory of plane crashes explores the journey of Korean Air and others in looking at cultural consequences (in short). (I am glancing at it as I await my turn to really read it!) I enjoy your blogs. Will be praying for you as you move the Olympic traffic about! ~ D