Dec 9, 2009

YVR public observation deck

As a kid who grew up spending hours and hours hanging around the roof observation deck of the old Edmonton city airport (CYXD), and was inspired by that experience to eventually become a pilot, I'm happy to see this facility at CYVR. I wish more airports did the same:

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Rebecca said...

Yes, I know it's great and all for free! You can try the telescopes, interactive airport models, a virtual flight over BC and behind-the-scenes video. A great idea to do this in the Holidays. Only about 20 minutes from downtown on the Canada Line. There are lots of restaurants as well when you're there so no need for the little ones to go hungry!

5400AirportRdSouth said...

Nicely done by YVRAS. Instead of fixating on $$, they give up some prime space to actually promote customers instead of sales.

I tried it as well the other day and was quite impressed.

Jim said...

I used to go up to the parking deck at the old Terminal 1 in Toronto, purely to watch airplanes and airport operations.