Jul 30, 2009

Where the name comes from...

A friend checking out in my homebuilt (I'm happy to report that the wings stayed on for him too ;-)


Sarah said...

Nice looking airplane. I've always been partial to bare aluminum for metal planes, but then I don't have to clean & polish them.

So I gather the difficulties the later Zodiac 601 ( xl? ) had are not a problem for you? I am relieved your wings stay on, even if you go fast. Flutter is not fun.

Aluwings said...

The Zodiac XL is the only Zenair that's had these issues and it has an entirely different wing configuration. I think the issues have been narrowed down to possible aileron flutter due to improperly tensioned control cables ...? Not sure.

The polishing is a chore, but one hour at a time ... and the results make it worthwhile. Thanks.