May 24, 2009

Common Diversions

Diversions to alternate landing sites always invoke unwanted costs and complexities.  For an airline it's about taking care of the passengers and finally getting them to their destinations and rescheduling crew-members and the aircraft itself to cover ongoing flights.

For NASA it's mainly about getting the Shuttle back to Florida and ready for its next flight. In both cases subsequent flight delays are often the result.

I wonder if passengers are allowed to ride in the Shuttle during transit?  I suspect not... too bad.  It could help defray the 1.8 Million dollar cost of the diversion.  Ouch! And I thought diversions were expensive for airlines!

1 comment:

Mike said...

In these hard economic times, just maybe Nasa might sell tickets to civilians whilst the shuttle is being piggybacked. Or is it just my boyish dream trying to crawl out.

it would be amazing.