Mar 18, 2009

Thirst in Spaaaaaaaace?

A little "ewwww!" excerpt from a report on the latest space shuttle mission:

Urine recycling system fix

The other major delivery to the station is a replacement distillation assembly for the station's water recycling system, which converts urine into drinking water for the station's astronauts.

The space shuttle Endeavour delivered the recycling system to the station in November 2008, but the distillation assembly, which removes impurities from the urine in the early stages of the recycling process — failed not long after the shuttle departed and returned to Earth.

Hmmm... gets me thinking. Would the CEO of low-cost carrier Ryanair, who is apparently thinking of installing pay toilets on his planes, also be thinking of saving money by installing this system next?

Double ewww!

Okay - enough of the 12-year-old-boy jokes. Back to serious stuff! humph ...


John said...

I wonder who was the lucky astronaut that found out that it failed....

Aluwings said...

Triple ewwww! ;-)

zylhuette said...

Do wonder what does it taste like? LOL
yuck :<
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