Mar 23, 2009

It's a Car! It's a Plane! It's Car-o-Plane!

Every attempt to produce a flying car has resulted in a vehicle that wasn't very good in either medium. Will this one finally break that mold? Recently the high cost of gasoline has led to easements in road regulations allowing for experimental electric vehicles. Perhaps the timing will be just right to allow exceptions for a roadable aircraft as well.

But, should your tastes lean towards a sportier, flying "motorcycle/ATV!" check this:


Sarah said...

I was not impressed by the car's 1st flight video. Looks like an barely measurable rate of climb with only one on board , but the pilot was probably being really conservative. It looked like almost all of the up-elevator travel was being used though. (gulp).

The paramoter video is ... also interesting. Bit of stunt-flying, wasn't it? Those scrape-the-chute on the ground low turns look way too exciting for me. Maybe I'm just getting too old and conservative.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the wingtip of the paramotor drag the ground freaked me out. No other sort of flying machine could do that without causing a total disaster!

I could see pulling a couple of these on a trailer behind the camper. It could be a lot of fun to take local flights in areas we're visiting. And the cart could also serve as a bit of an off-road vehicle perhaps...?

Aviatrix said...

You don't know how close I came to putting a deposit down for that car at Oshkosh. I want I want I want.

Dan said...

Lovin' that flying car!

I'm curious to know if there are any countries that have actually struck committees to seriously tackle the research&development of skyway infrastructures for this whole new level of personal transport.

I think that system will be more complicated to develop than the car-plane itself!

Deep said...

car-o-plane? its a new thing i guess