Feb 14, 2009

NASA Tail De-icing Study

Tail de-icing is one scenario that will be studied during the recent Colgan Accident. There are many other factors that will be looked at as well. A friend sent this video link which I pass on for the interest of non-aviators and as a review for pilots who operate in icing conditions. Be careful out there.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the link and reminder. Nasty. It's too soon to conclude this is what happened to Colgan 3407 but ice induced tailplane stall is something you *do not want*. The DHC6 cockpit video and summary from 18:00 on is particularly interesting.

subpriff said...

I recall some history with a particular model of the ATR turbo-prop aircraft ... 42? 72? Which turned out to be very vulnerable to this problem I think. Anyone recall the details and if they were ever solved?

Aviatrix said...

That video (or similar, I didn't watch it through) is in my company annual training. I remember the first time I saw it, though, after I had my commercial licence. I was shocked that there was another kind of stall, opposite in recovery to the one I had praticed so much, and that I had never heard of it.

I can't extend flaps in icing conditions without thinking of it, though.

Jim Mantle said...

subpriff - have a look through wikipedia for "Icing conditions" and for "America Eagle Flight 4184", where there are a few references to the ATR.

As a result of 4184 there were a number of airframe suggestions, but the primary response was that American moved the fleet to southern climes.