Feb 11, 2009

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

This chart, published by Boeing, should put to rest all claims that there is a significant difference in the safety record of the A320 family vs. the Boeing 737 family of aircraft:

It shows clearly that the A318/319/320/321 aircraft hull and fatality rates compare closely with those of the late model B737s - 300/400/500. Both of these aircraft types are safer than the earlier B737 - 100/200 and the B727. Overall the newer airliners are posting better safety records than earlier generation jets. Personally I attribute this to better instrumentation (crew awareness), better engineering and better Crew Resource Training. But that's just my guess.

The full report, plus some updates on the B737 rudder issues I referred to earlier are available at this link.

And here's a link to other airliner safety statistics.

I'll write more about the specific issues raised in the Habsheim Airbus A320 accident in the next post.


Dan said...

Although I don't think that it changes your conclusion that there is no significant difference between the boeing and airbus aircraft safety records, wouldn't it be more appropriate to compare the A319 family with the 737-600,700,800 series?

Splendor said...

Airbus names it's short haul family differently from Boeing. There only is the A320 family comprising the following variants:
- A318 (roughly B737-5/600),
- A319 (B737-300/700),
- A320 (B737-400/800),
- A321 (B737-900)