Jan 15, 2009

Is This a Joke?

I'm really surprised that this news item is a Big Breakthrough in medical procedures. Checklists have been Standard Procedure in aviation since the 1940s. They are used in controlling complex procedure in every industry I can think of. So, I am literally gob-smacked ( love that expression) by this report! Check it out for yourself:



Flying Europe said...

Agree completely. Obviously took an industry longer to find out that human error is the major factor...

I also hear they are getting involved with CRM. Makes sense if the Nurse is keeping shut not to distburb the surgeon while he kills someone and so forth..


Soaring Student said...

And it isn't a new, wonderful discovery either. At one level, I'm pleased that the medical profession (with the exception of Big Drugs, who are eager to get their wares over the regulation barrier and into the sales channel) is generally prudent.

However, one might characterize them as sticking to the tried and true.

As far as this being new news... only to CTV!! See the following article in The New Yorker, December 10, 2007.


Aviatrix said...

I CRIED when I first read the New Yorker article when a reader (I think it was Soaring Student!) sent it to me. It's worse than kids dying for lack of simple medicines.