Nov 30, 2008

Super STOL...

An attempt to modify a C-130 Hercules to operate from a stadium for use in rescuing hostages from Iran, circa 1980:

Read about this: Here - Wikkipedia on Credible Sport

Nov 28, 2008

Movie Magic and Reality Check

Modern movie special effects are amazingly good! So good that I wonder if we're losing the ability to discern real from make-believe?

Take this video for example. Many folks sent me the link recently, believing it to be an actual event rather than a clever fake posted as part of a "stealth" online advertising campaign:

The give-away for me is that
1/ there are no legitimate news reports carrying the story,

2/ the transition of the aircraft from air to ground defies the laws of momentum - no swerve, no bounce, no gradual dissipation of energy you'd expect to see from a mass of that size...

3/ and of course the report revealing the tie in to the clothing ads.

By comparison here's an interesting selection of some convincing effects from the 1940s:

To update the old Aero-radio weather broadcasts which used to end with the warning: "Keep alert. Watch for traffic." ... let's "Keep Alert. Watch for urban legends, rumours, scams, and conspiracy theories flying direct to your desktop daily thanks to the internet. And remember to 'snope' liberally before forwarding..."

end of transmission

Nov 25, 2008

More than a job?

So, do you find yourself scanning the "pilot wanted" ads, with a vague hunger for "more..."

More than - just boring holes in the sky...

More than browsing that three year old issue of Pilot! magazine while killing time in an airport lounge...

More than waiting for that overdue often alcohol-soaked executive who's late (again) for his return flight...

More than buzzing towards the local VOR while watching yet another student attempt the wrong entry pattern...

Maybe you don't need a job, but rather a "mission!" You may want to investigate Air Serv International or one of the other mission/humanitarian flying groups out there.

How many flying jobs can promise stuff like this:

Want to have meaning and challenge in your work?

Want to make a difference in

thousands of people’s lives?

Have you done anything exciting this week?

Have you saved anyone’s life?

Have you flown a medical team to help avert an Ebola Virus outbreak?

Have you brought medicine and food to a starving or dying child?

Air Serv pilots do this daily.

If you are a Pilot with a FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate (ATP Preferred), Instrument Rating and 1500 hrs PIC, have an airman certificate with an endorsement of language proficiency, you might just have a future with Air Serv International.

Google Humanitarian Aviation, or Mission Aviation for some interesting reading. There's a need for pilots (and others) who are up to the challenge!

Nov 23, 2008

Airport Accomdation Options

From the Weird and Whacky files:

We've all cooled our heels in airport terminals .... Well here are two different approaches to handling this time.

In Stockholm they've come up with a new way to use old airplanes.

In Mexico a Japanese gentleman seems to be a Tom Hanks fan from the Terminal movie.