Dec 23, 2008

Which Jet Shall I Use Today? Luxury on a budget...

Now here's an interesting idea. Air Stream Jets compiles a listing of charter jet positioning flights - where the aircraft is traveling to pick up a paying customer - and offers these empty leg flights at a very attractive price.

Now I haven't done all the math yet, but if I was moving an entire family, or group of friends or business colleagues and wanted to travel ultra-first-class on a budget, this would be an interesting option. Even if it was just for one part of the over-all trip it could be a nice 'perk' or a way of adding a little extra to the journey. Just by missing the huge lineups and delays at the main airline terminals (remember these biz-jets operate from small, deluxe business jet centers at a different place on the airport), it would be worth it!

As one example - a trip from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto is listed at just under $8,000. A mid-size jet carries 6 to 8 passengers, so that could be as little as $1,000 each. I'm not sure what the Business Class ticket on an airline costs by comparison - anyone know?

Well, it's a thought anyway. A chance to experience a little of how the automotive execs used to travel. And if that doesn't work for you, they also offer ride-sharing. It's an interesting way to utilize business jets and keep them flying, at least.

I'm not affiliated with this or any other such company - just think it's an interesting idea.


Sarah said...

Interesting idea! And competitive, though I picked the date of Jan 5 2009 randomly. Now I just need 7 friends.

I wonder how much for the right hand seat ...

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flyaway said...

"how the automotive execs used to travel.".
Somehow I doubt that they've stopped since they thought it was a reasonable idea in the first place. doesn't report them anymore since they asked the FAA to stop making the aircraft info public.

Aluwings said...

Yeah - I was definitely writing that with tongue planted firmly in cheek. So glad you (and others) figured that out.

The auto-execs made quite a show of driving in the second time, but I really don't expect to find them waiting amidst the seasonal airport terminal mess packing their presents home for Christmas.

Francesca said...

What a wonderful idea! Its innovative and creates a interactive experience for members. All you have to do is sign up as a member and you have the luxury of posting a flight and find others to share the flight with you. So basically all your doing is paying for the seat. Its a great idea that makes luxury travel more affordable. If you dont mind sharing your flight its a great way start fly private!!