Dec 4, 2008

The Pilot: a TAC.TV exclusive!

A while back I linked you to an online site called Tetes-a-Claque and their animated story of an ill-fated flight crew. Despite my best attempt to provide a translation, it loses a lot if you don't actually understand the language. Well, now I'm happy to report that this and several other episodes of these whacky skits have been translated to English.

I've provided direct links to the three consequtive chapters in this story. Click and Enjoy!


Captain Dave said...

Absolutely hilarious! How dare some one try to bring nail files on board an airplane, let alone an atomic grape juice. This reverberates through our TSA down south in the USA as well. Sometimes the absurdity of going thought security, especially as a crew member is just as hilarious, and inconvenient. Thanks for sharing.

Aviatrix said...

Those are way too funny. The various accents are priceless.

"Terrorist or tourist?"
"It's hard to tell these days."