Oct 28, 2008

When Fusible Plugs Go Bad...?

These two videos reveal why rejected take-offs at high speeds and weights are treated as an emergency. The wheels are equipped with fusible plugs. They are designed to melt at a specific temperature deflating the tires and preventing tire explosions. For some reason they don't seem to work here... Also notice how the fire crews approach the aircraft from the front and back (as in NOT the sides). This is exactly why they are trained to do that.

(I think theseare two views of the same test. If you start the second video running just a few seconds after the first, it may produce a simultaneous view of the incident...)


Anonymous said...

Scary. I wouldn't want a fire under all that kerosene either.

"La salle? La Salle!? " (ground)
Bring the stairs!!

I'd be mad too.

Aluwings said...

Yeah! I was wondering if they would blow the slide and evacuate that way when the action started heating up - pun intended! Assuming there was a slide installed ...? mmmm...oops...

Julien said...

It's actually "le sol", i.e. "the ground" and not "la salle", which would literally mean "the room".

Thanks for sharing the video. I wonder if the plugs not working was part of the test program or not. Must be since all tyres seem to suffer from the same problem.

Aviatrix said...

Oh that shouldn't have been funny, but it was. I didn't have the audio, just the subtitles, so I was having to imagine the various speakers: the single-minded engineer who wants to let the fire burn because "it's not an important fire," and the repeated calls for the stairs started to seem helpless. Use the evacuation rope, dudes!