Oct 30, 2008

New Legend in the Making?

Certain planes have become household names because of the legendary roles they've played in bush flying. I think of Piper Cubs; Dehavilland Beavers and Otters; and Cessna 185s.

There's a new kid on the block. Recently certified in the USA and now being delivered to customers this aircraft has a special twist in that it was conceived not only to meet the demands of bush flying, but specifically to meet the demands of Christian mission aviation groups who operate around the world in some of the most difficult terrain imaginable:

Here's a general intro:

Click here for more photos and videos of this promising new aircraft.

(Finally, to be clear - I am not associated with Quest Aircraft in any way other than as a fan of their intriguing aircraft!)


UkuleleOpera said...

That's a cute plane. Let's buy one!

Anonymous said...

When I first saw pictures of the Kodiak while it was in development, I (wrongly) assumed it was a Cessna Caravan copycat. Although there are visual similarities, the Kodiak is clearly a very different bird from the Caravan. Kind of like a Fedex truck vs. a 4X4 Suburban (that the owner actually takes off road).
Bob in Minnesota