Sep 27, 2008

Fly Laughing!

Garth Wallace is at it again - or at least he's still at it. Writing humourous and interesting stories from his life as a flight instructor, charter pilot and aviation business owner, that is.

I just finished reading Garth's three newest volumes and he hasn't lost his touch. The adventures of the quirky folks who typically congregate at small airports are captivating and belly-laughing hilarious.

If you haven't discovered his books yet, you're in for a treat. Check out the sample stories on his website. Happy reading!

1 comment:

Soaring Student said...

The sample stories are great.... tales from how the Real World works.

I've referred a few friends to your "A Day in the Life" series. Most have cursed me, as they stayed up well past their bedtime reading it from start to finish. Keep them coming.

Solo last Sunday. First post-solo lesson tomorrow.