Jul 22, 2008

Flightless Wings

This may make you laugh... or cry? But things have changed:


Julien said...

The last sentence of the voice-over comment sums up the whole concept pretty nicely: "Nos femmes aillées qui permettent aux hommes de voler" (Our winged ladies who make it possible for our men to fly).

I find the tone of this short film quite modern, keeping in mind that it was produced over 60 years ago. It is not condescending and clearly portrays women as doing men's jobs just as competently as men when given the chance.

It would be interesting to know how many of these ladies pursued an aviation or technical career once the war was over, or passed on their experience to their children.

aluwings said...

Good point. You can certainly see the seeds of the next generation or two where women would be more likely to take on those jobs full time - including flying the planes.

My-wife-the-pilot once wrote a paper on the WWII Ferry Command squadrons (comprised of women) in Britain and the US. Does anyone know if Canada had such a group of aviatrix?

Rhonda said...

My grandmother was a ferry pilot. I don't know if she joined in England and then later came to Canada, or if she joined in Canada.