Jun 5, 2008

Flying Movies..

So, ever had a check flight that went so wrong?!!

I enjoy Ernest Gann's autobiographical writings, but his novels were a little melodramatic, and the movies made from them are even more so. As much a reflection of the 50's as anything, I guess. But pretty darn funny today:

And this:


flightblog said...

The first video is classic. John Wayne slapping the captain, "Get a hold of yourself." Dang funny.

smurfjet said...

Is that how they did CRM in the olden days?

Anonymous said...

re: CRM in the olden days:

A flight instructor I had once (that was enough!) would probably think so. His technique involved shouting about every deviation while I was flying under the hood (instrument flying) and constantly grabbing at the flight controls to indicate how I should correct. What a miserable hour of "flight instruction" that was.

I nick-named him "Shouter and Grabber" ... and he is my ultimate example of what a flight instructor should NOT be.

Prive Jets said...

It’s amazing how elegant aviation was in the 60,s, 70’s and 80’s. It seems that commercial aviation is going backwards, what happened to the big luxury seats or the lounge area in the back and front of the aircraft? I guess luxury and class can only be found in Private Jets. Definitely is not the same.

FlyForFun said...

Over the last decade or so we've been witnessing what some have called the "Wallmartization" of the air travel industry, where everything is cost-driven down to the lowest common denominator.

When you look at other forms of travel - bus and train - I guess it was inevitable. People apparently are swayed ultimately by the dollar and only the dollar when it comes to making travel choices. So the airlines respond accordingly.

I wonder if anyone could ever start up an 'airline' today using the glamour and elegance of the bygone eras - like the old Pan Am Clippers, or the Zepplins?

Or a modern version of this?