May 22, 2008

Classic Aviation Adventure

Blake is an old aviation "classic" film produced by the National Film Board of Canada:
This film inspired me many times during my career, forcing me to recall the sheer joy and simplicity of pure flight. Now that I actually own a Little Plane, I look forward to explorations and adventures, but alas (now there's a classic old word) current rules and regulations make it harder than ever to gunkhole around the sky without triggering mayhem somewhere ... (i.e. What's a TFR? And why are you pointing that gun at my head?")

By going far enough off the beaten path, some sense of adventure is still available to pilots of the 21st century. Maybe like this:

Camping in the Swiss Alps

Or this:
Beach Landing along BC coast

Blake can still be purchased through the NFB online store. It is viewable online but only if you join the NFB's CineRoute Club, which has some restrictions. I've emailed them, asking for Blake to be released as public domain - we'll see. In the meantime, you may want to purchase a copy if you are a real enthusiast of grass roots aviation.

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Aluwings said...

In the "Small World" category - today at the Qualicum Beach airport, I met a fellow who used to fly in the Gatineau area of Quebec and knows Blake! He's not just an imaginary character. Neat.