Apr 25, 2008

Typical A320 landing view

This video shows typical Airbus flight deck auto-callouts, as well as the pilot actions and after-landing flow. Each airline has minor differences but this will give you an idea of what it's like sitting in the "pointy end" during a landing in good weather conditions.

The video notation says: This is recent video of an Airbus A-320 of SATA International making a final approach and landing at Funchal, Madeira Is., Portugal.
This airport is known as the "other Kai Tak" because of it's very difficult approach.


PlasticPilot said...

Thank you for this excellent video ! I flew a couple of time in jumpseat between Geneva and Zuerich. The radar altimeter call-outs were obviously always decreasing, and regular !

This 300 - 200 - 300 - 200 and then a rapid 100 shall be rather disturbing. Do you have any idea of the approach minimum ?

Aluwings said...

These auto callouts are triggered by the radar altimeter which bounces a signal off the earth to determine height above the terrain.

I think the irregular terrain under this approach is the main reason for the irregularity of these signals - notice that large cliff that probably triggers the first 400 callout.

These callouts are really designed for the more usual stabilized approach. On approachs like this we don't need them so much as we can see the ground easily, and they can get "confused" by such irregular terrain.

I don't know what the minimum is for this approach.

Noella said...

Fascinating video to me, a passenger. It excites me!

gmc said...

Exciting from the front end too, sometimes! I miss the days when the pilot could allow visitors to the flight deck.