Mar 16, 2008

Come Josephine in My Flying Machine

I like these aerial sequences and the little ditty. I reminds me how much aviation has changed. We've come a long way, baby:


steve said...

Did anyone else cringe and wince as that lady clambered all over the car and proceeded to jump up and down on the roof?.....they were built a lot tougher then,but lightweight body-filler and fast-drying,low shrinkage paint were yet to be invented.

Aviatrix said...

And some things haven't changed a bit, like the expression on that guy's face as he convinces the girl to get in the airplane.

Yes, I cringed as she stepped onto the roof in high heels and couldn't concentrate properly on the rest of the video. I won't even let people put purses or cans of cleaner down on my paintwork. I hope it was her own car.