Feb 18, 2008

Will the Wings Fall Off?

The airline industry in North America is still undergoing changes. Do these changes reflect a new reality for our culture and society as a whole? Take one key statistic from this PBS excerpt. In 1980 a CEO's salary was 40 times that of an average worker. Today it is 400!

This kind of disconnect between employees and CEOs can't produce a healthy company in the long run. More seriously, if this kind of disconnect between people and leaders exists in our society as a whole, as one spokeswoman suggests, then an airline failure is the least of our concerns.

History tells the tale of countless societies that failed calamitously because those in power became "arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy..."

I'll be interested to see if any readers recognize where I took that quote from. The winner gets an all expense paid (by them) trip to their own refrigerator for a glass of their favorite beverage, or whatever else they may find there.


Anonymous said...

It's a bible passage about the fall of Sodom and Gomarah by Ezekiel I think.
D from Oz.

nabeel said...

ive wanted to be a pilot since i was a little kid, i'm now 22 and going into the dental profession.
i dont think theres one day where i wish that i hadnt done it, and its sad that i feel like in the long run, ive made the right decision. the job and salary prospects were just too grim to make it a realistic proposition for myself. with a family and everything.

i still wish in some weird way ill be able to lug around the skies in a heavy, but i dont know.

Aluwings said...

Anonymous - Ezekiel 16:49 - We have a winner! I think that explanation is interesting because the prophet didn't list the "hot button" issues that many people think were the problem -- but rather the regular things that societies become uncaring and selfish about - to our own destruction.

nabeel - my dentist lugs around the skies in a very sweet Mooney ... which he tells me about while fixing my crowns... so I KNOW I'm keeping him in AVGAS for a long while...

zach said...

I thought the quote was from Dick Cheney's autobiography...hmm.

Martin Harvey said...

The comment is probably from "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbon.... which I'm reading at the moment, considering how well it parallells the decline into decadance of our current society.


(current Glider pilot ... see:
for my ugly mug..!)

Aluwings said...

Zach - That should at least merit an honorable mention and visit to the cookie jar!

Martin - is that your landing in the next video? Nice job. Is it usual to be able to keep the wings completely balanced at a dead stop? Sweet flying.