Jan 30, 2008

A Tale of Two Flight Decks...

These two websites reveal some of the extremes of aviation - from small and maneuverable to huge and technologically impressive.

A media reporter having an exhillerating ride in the back seat of an F-18

A 360 degree scan of the A380 flight deck.

As with other demanding professions like law and medicine, piloting involves specialization. You can't take a "driver" from one of these environments and just toss him or her into another without extensive re-training. And once the pilot is deemed competent flying the new machine the long slow process of gaining experience in the new speciality is just beginning.



Anonymous said...


Did you ever land that plane in Vancouver?

GPS_Direct said...

I LMAO every time I see that guy. All the while knowing that I'd do the very same thing - and perhaps worse.

Although, knowing ahead of time, I think I'd try to grab a few rides with a buddy in his RV-4 just to load up the Gs and (try and) get acclimated.

Speaking of, how's the 601 holding up? Haven't seen a post on it in ages. A new flight school here is going to start with 3 of them and do LSA training. Should make for a nice cheap rental...

Anonymous said...

The media guy reminds me of Patrick Smith's ride on the Collings F4 Phantom.


His story strikes me as odd, and this letter is right on.


Some people just don't understand how lucky they are. :)