Jan 4, 2008

Marshalling with "tooood..."

Once I get GooseAir 111 to the ramp in Vancouver, I might have a comment or two about ground marshalling and the folks who prepare our parking spot for arrival, then help guide us in.

I've seem some memorable characters doing the job over the years - but none came close to this guy. Not exactly SOP* in anyones book, but you've got to admire the style:


*SOP: Standard Operating Procedures


Dan said...

Ha! If only we could all have this much fun doing our jobs. Good for him!

big said...

thats brilliant. great blog site...i am also eagerly awaitng the next chapter of your adventures with F/O Paula. i fly ms flight simulator, (wasnt lucky enough or rich enough to go the real route). never could quite get to grips with the airbus fly by wire system.. it handles funny. hahaha .. oh well i'll stay a die hard boeing fan for a while still. ps google "pmdg" thats what i fly in flight sim. comfy flying time for me is 90 minutes pre, 2-3 airbourne, and 30 min post...for the 747-400. with refrence to your story sticky greens on the 727, i had such a good laugh i emailed the link to all my fellow flight simmers. it was quite a topic of conversation on the "comapany frequencys" thanks for a great blog.
port elizabeth south africa (FAPE)