Jan 7, 2008

A Day in the Life (31a) - editors note

In order to get this story progressing again, I've decided to just live with a couple of errors I've committed in the story telling, and "get on with it." But for those of you who may notice such things, I'll share this editorial note/correction until I make the necessary changes:

In the posts regarding descent and STARs etc... some editorial changes would make it more realistic..

The clearance for the approach, with the instructions to "...contact towar at the FAF..." should come later in the descent... around GONIR at 6 or 7 thousand..

The problem with altitude limitations should be referenced to STAVE and the 14,000 foot top of the altitude window and speed reduction.

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Moe said...

Off topic, but I'm sure you've heard all about it and may have some inside info on the cause of the wicked turbelence that the Air Canada A319 encountered? I can't imagine what would be, as described, so violent and so unexpected?