Dec 10, 2007

Comox Air Force Museum...

I paid a quick visit to this excellent little museum recently. One day I'll go back with my camera and make a more detailed report. Suffice to say it was a strange feeling reading logbook entries by pilots in both world wars and wondering how it felt to be 19 years old (for example), have just 11 hours total time in your logbook and know that soon you'd be turned loose to fly against other pilots who'd be trying to kill you - and you them.

Or to be an experienced old 23-year-old flight officer with 600 hours in your logbook, most of it logged as "night flight" from operating bombing raids in four-engined behemoths.

Here's the official website:

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Aviatrix said...

I'm not sure I could fly and chew gum with 11 hours.

I guess people didn't know as much about aviation back then, so there wasn't as much to teach, and they washed out anyone who didn't get it instinctively.