Aug 9, 2007


After reading Aviatrix's entry today (Parallel Careers), I got to thinking about those who risk and fail, or accomplish things they hadn't originally planned on, and those who don't try at all but diverge into parallel activities.

Which led me to a few interesting videos of some who put a lot of energy into pretending to fly. Which makes me ask - Is there not an airport nearby where they could apply all that time and energy towards the real thing? The answer of course is "Yes!" -- but for some folks diverting to other aviation-related hobbies is more realistic and even fulfilling than the real thing. And don't get me wrong - I'm not demeaning, deriding or diminishing these accomplishments. These folks have worked hard and produced some wonderful gear:

But for some folks, pretending will never be enough. And those are the folks that will get one step closer to their ultimate goal. That's still no guarantee of success. Or of landing The Good Job. But it's a step.

I have worked with pilots who experienced an easy slide into an airline job, and never appreciated what they had. And it usually showed in one way or another.

My final conclusion is that the character-building that comes through perseverance is worth more than gold -- or even The Right Job.

One small caveat - ensure your "Impossible Dream" is the right dream - more on that next...


zb said...

What I like so much about hobbies like the ones in the video clips on you post is that they do take a lot of effort and discipline and enthusiasm -- more than needed at many, many jobs -- but don't contribute to money-making. They are art. They are DIY. They are punk rock. They are DIY punk art. Life can't get any better.

Aluwings said...

Well said. That's why I tried to make it clear that I intend no 'knock' on those endeavors. I'm just musing about why some stay the course and others divert.

And ultimately, does it matter?