Aug 7, 2007

Poetry of Flight

In an earlier post I mentioned poetry and wondered what else has been written besides "High Flight."

chad said...

Richard Bach's entire novels are like one long poem about flight.

So true. Also much of Antoine De Saint Exupery's writing is in that vein. In terms of actual poetry I found this anthology of aviation-related poetry: Because I Fly. Also a long list of other poetry sources regarding flight. Here's an online digest of poems. And here's one I found that I like very much and shall copy it to my favorites' page somewhere:


I rise on wings of gossamer and dew
And soar over the earth
Flitting and flirting
With the clouds and the sun
Winging my way through the sky
Trailing a rainbow behind
Swooping down to splash through the tips of waves
Climbing to greet the stars
Swinging through rainstorms
Teasing lightening bolts down to the ground
Until my spider-silk wings run out
Drizzling dew onto the early-morning grass
And I fall back to earth
And reach to the stars
And they shine their forgiveness
And I realize that my face is wet with tears
But I do not know if they are my own
Or the stars'.

Lynette Yorgey

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