Aug 28, 2007

The Mother Ship

In response to some queries - here's a recent image of my "other" airplane:

It's a Zenair Zodiac CH601HDS with a CAM100 (Honda Civic auto conversion) engine. I built it myself from a kit and as soon as I finish it, I hope to get it painted. Meanwhile, it's in a "flying but still evolving" status.


Anonymous said...

So now I know. Very nice machine! Is the Honda engine's rotation "different" than normal, or is the just a factor of installation.... and is there much (negative) p-factor during the take-off run? I envy your commitment....


Aluwings said...

The propellor swings counter-clockwise as viewed by the pilot, so the P-effects are reversed from the typical Cessnas and Pipers, etc.. The airplane is short-coupled so while it is easy to fly, it is challenging to fly accurately. Rudder input is often required to counteract yaw effects with changes of engine power and airspeed. However, there is very little adverse yaw caused by the ailerons, and the P-effects are nicely balanced in steady cruise flight.

After my first flight I immediately dubbed it "a Mazda Miata with wings" - Zoom Zoom.