Aug 24, 2007

Gone Fishing... well sort of...

It's summertime and the livin' is easy... so the blogging energy has been diverted elsewhere for a few days.

Until the estimated holding time has expired, here's a little view of my corner of the world lately.

Panorama from Horne Lake to the west - Straight of Georgia to the east:

Sorry about the camera shakes. It was a little bit turbulent and it's hard to fly and shoot video with the same hand.


Sean and Rebecca Cannon said...

Cool shot! I have been reading your blog for a while, and it is fun to see another perspective of aviation. I just put some video of my type of flying over on my blog if you are interested. I saw that you link MAF in your sidebar. Have great

Anonymous said...

...nice footage, but I give! Whattya flying? Can't seem to put a finger on it.

Aviatrix said...

That's awesome. Isn't it funny to go that slowly after getting used to going so fast? I have to steel myself to slow a Skyhawk down enough to land it when I get back from flying faster stuff, and I bet that little guy would bounce at Skyhawk landing speeds.

And I'll bet it's really FUN!

Chad said...

Very nice. I am hoping for a chance to get back into the world of 'real flying' soon.

For years I hoped to be flying the heavy iron someday. Now I long for the small planes again.