Aug 4, 2007

Final Approach

The things I learn while cleaning the bird cage! Apparently way back in April aviation pioneer and author Robert N. Buck passed on.

Another favourite authour I will never meet on this side of eternity is Ernie Gann.

Here is a poem I came across - in honour of these two gentlemen and others who had a tremendous impact on my aviation life and who have now gone on before:

(if anyone recognizes this poem and can supply the authour's name I'd appreciate it - thanks.)

Final Approach

All too soon the time is near
just one last turn for home,
the compass swings and plays its final part,
runway lights now beckon me,
they lead to earth
a most reluctant heart.

For one brief moment time stands still
my thoughts go back
through all the years I've flown,
to the countless faces by my side
who shared my way of life,
that earthbound man has never known.

I knew this dream wouldn't last forever
for the years have passed so swiftly by,
and now only memories remain up there,
across the endless sky.

The legacy I gladly leave
of the things I've seen and done,
for the joys of life so quickly fade
unshared with anyone.

-- authour unknown


Aviatrix said...

I love you for that poem not being High Flight.

Aluwings said...

I know, I know... As if it were THE ONE AND ONLY poem about flight. Ah... let's see, there must be others... Surely Richard Bach must have written some poems in one of his flying-related books...?

Anyone know of any other (hopefully Good!) poetry about aviation/flight?

chad said...

Richard Bach's entire novels are like one long poem about flight.

klari said...

As well as St-Exupéry's.