Aug 6, 2007

B-737 Workhorse of the Sky

Boeing's Baby Jet - the B-737 is the world's most popular airliner. What can you say about such success? The airplane has been continually upgraded to keep it competitive with the Airbus A320, and the latest models incorporate the latest and greatest flight magic.

Scanning the net for "interesting stuff" regarding the three-seven, I settled on this full episode regarding one of the few times the aircraft failed. But it is clear that this was a failure of human care and attention to proper limitations and respect for safety - not any failure in the basic aircraft design. Rather it is a tribute to the underlying strength of the aircraft.

This is the story of Aloha 243.


Johnny Wadd said...

That was quite a horrifying experience, while sad one person died in the incident it was a miracle that plane and the rest of the passengers survived.

Aluwings said...

After the comments on the previous posting about high speed jumping and dislocated shoulders when hitting the air at 170 mph -- I shuddered thinking what the passengers were exposed to with 300 mph air blasts coming through the damaged roof! And all the crap and dust that must have been swirling around.

Double ouch!