Jun 2, 2007

Space, the final frontier...

So, you may notice I've been tweaking the header using the new blogger facility for using an image... I'm still stuck with a large white space at the top of the left hand side-bar. Are there any HTML wizards out there who can tell me how to remove this padding from the template?

Thanks in advance,


AFS said...

The white space is coming from something in the CSS definition of your template. If you open the template code, you can find a section like this:

#sidebar {
padding-top: 170px;

It's that 170px (170 pixels) value that's giving you the white space. You can reduce it to whatever you want and all will be well, I think.

Aluwings said...

aha - thanks! Just as you described...

I love the internet - the concept of being connected to someone who knows the answer, is awesome.