May 13, 2007

Over the Rainbow - and other transitions

I'm feeling a little down today. We experienced one of life's bitter-sweet transitions yesterday at the World Parrot Refuge where I volunteer.

Maybe it's from knowing - from experiencing that mere taste of flight that we humans enjoy in our noisy contraptions? Whatever it is, my heart is always restless at the thought of birds like these destined to a flightless life. And that's before considering the other sorrows of parrots in captivity. (If you know anyone considering buying a parrot, please repeat these words loud and often: "Parrots make lousy pets! Wonderful, amazing, glorious creatures, but lousy pets." Thanks.)

Finally Joey is flying freely again - somewhere...

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Noella said...

That's beautiful – your writing, the Parrot Refuge site, and the Rainbow song. What a wonderful job Wendy and volunteers do; special people with special hearts.