Mar 10, 2007

Why I support MAF

I believe that we all need to be involved in helping one another on some level. It's "in our genes." It makes us whole.

That's part of why I'm a volunteer member of Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada. I hope you'll enjoy this short video by MAFAustralia I found on YouTube. If not for the snapshot of how MAF helps people around the world, then at least for the interesting "runways" we use.

Have a great weekend,
Volunteer Area Rep.

Longer version of this video: Here


Jade said...

Hey, cool that you work with MAF. I've kinda had a dream of that too. But it can be challanging leaving the regular work force, eh? My college was really based around MAF so I got some good disclosure. Maybe join ya someday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aluwings.... I noticed the MAF link on the sidebar last week and was gonna send you a message asking you what your interest in MAF was. It's great to get some publicity for them. I dont know what your background is but im a "mishkid" from Nepal, hence some knowledge of the great humanitarian work that missionary groups are doing in Africa and Asia. Safe flying.... Zarniwoop

Aluwings said...

I've been asked if I see myself one day actually flying with MAF. Really, I don't. I'm way too wimpy to handle the demanding working conditions. But for someone younger, and more 'up' for the adventure physically, emotionally and spiritually, I suspect there's no more satisfying career in aviation.

A couple of years ago I was chatting with one of our pilots who'd just returned from a tour of duty in war-torn Angola. MAF secured the cooperation of both the government and rebel forces so our pilots could fly across front lines keeping a local hospital open to care for and feed refugees caught in the crossfire.

"At the end of the day you can be exhausted," he said. "But when you know that day you put food in the mouth of a hungry child, it's a 'good tired.'"