Mar 7, 2007

Eye in the sky...

Would a bunch of CCD cameras pointing at the hard to see bits make any difference, i.e. would you stop immediately and evacuate the first time you heard of trouble from the back if you had a picture of it?

Garrett raises the issue of installing cameras around an aircraft so the pilot could assess the status of the aircraft cabin and exterior. This idea has been proposed and I have seen photos of a system installed in the T-tail of a B727 that would give a good view of the wings and upper fuselage. As Garrett also mentions, maybe the need for such a camera is too infrequent to justify the expense and complexity.

However, with cabin security issues and the size of aircraft increasing, this may be an idea who's time has come...

This company makes cameras for monitoring the aircraft exterior, the cabin and the cockpit security zone

777 cameras
A feature unique to the 777-300ER and 777-300 flight deck is the Ground Maneuver Camera System (GMCS), designed to assist the pilot in ground maneuvering of the 777-300 with camera views of the nose gear and main gear areas. The cameras are on the leading edge of the left and right horizontal stabilizers and the underside of the fuselage and are used during ground maneuvering. The images are displayed at the Multi-Functional Display positions in the flight deck in a three-way split format.
And here's the "ultimate" exterior view camera system - on the space shuttle.

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