Feb 22, 2007

Who's on first? Where's First???

Right-click to enlarge this photo of the JFK ground movement chart (or drag a copy to your desktop), then click this MP3 audio link to hear a strange day at JFK. Looks like someone taxied somewhere unexpectedly and the ground controller is having a hard time getting everyone straightened out. The Alpha and Bravo are the long taxiways encircling the main ramp. Victor is taxi 'V' that crosses these in the top right sector. Uniform is the extension of A along to the button of runway 13Left. And you'll find the others mentioned as you scan the chart.

It's not often you hear a situation like this develop where the controller seems to have lost the picture (notice how often he has to ask pilots to repeat their call signs, etc.). But all in all he does a great job of keeping his cool and even recovering his sense of humor! American controllers at the busiest airports are the best - imho!

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Chris said...

Haha, great stuff!