Feb 21, 2007

SOPs, Briefings and Checklists

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedures. They comprise a rather specific set of instructions about how crew members are expected to accomplish their roles.

For example, at the beginning of each crew cycle, it's my responsibility to review with the first officer specific items about crew coordination, such as who will act as the PF (Pilot Flying) and PNF (Pilot Not Flying) on each flight leg. Many of our standard procedures are defined according to these roles.

All our checklists specify exactly who will read out the checklist, who will accomplish each item, and how he or she will indicate that it is completed.

SOPs, briefings and checklists are part of the reason that we can meet as strangers in the flight planning room yet function smoothly as a team right from the start.

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R.D.Kuch said...

I'm an offshore helo driver flying a highly automated (relatively speaking) Sikorsky S-76 C++ . We have the added dimension of operating in many foreign countries...with national pilots (usually FO's) This is an imperative when you work in a place like Thailand...or Azerbaijan..or Kazakhstan. We frequently 'sugar' the contract bid by promising to train and operate with National pilots....who frequently speak broken english at best.
SOP's and checklists are the best tools we have in order to facilitate the best CRM possible under the circumstances.