Feb 10, 2007

The Pilot - hilarious cartoon...

I don't have anything ready to post today, so I thought I'd share these hilarious animations of Flight DC132. The language is a kind of French-Canadian slang. There are some colloquial terms I'm not completely sure of but I think my translation is close enough to give you the idea... The accents, and facial expressions themselves are pretty funny.

I don't know how this will come across, but perhaps try reading the script below, then click the linked-titles to watch the vids. I hope it works.


CPT: Mayday, mayday, mayday. This is flight 132 requesting emergency priority to land

ATC: This is the control tower. What is your problem?

CPT: My flight attendant just informed me that we have a passenger behaving suspiciously.

ATC: What about this passenger?

CPT: He has a nail clipper.

ATC: A nail clipper?

CPT: Yes, yes. He's clipping his nails in MY AIRPLANE!

ATC: But... What's the problem....?

CPT: You know! It's prohibited!

ATC: Yes, but perhaps you're over-reacting...?

CPT: But No! I'm not over-reacting. What if he hurts my eyes with this clipper, who's going to land the plane?

FO: Well, actually -- I'm able to fly the plane...

CPT: Ah - shut up!

ATC: .. Keep calm Captain.

CPT: No, no... I'm not calming down because that's not all! He's also has a can of grape juice.

ATC: What's wrong with grape juice?

CPT: Who says it's really grape juice? What if he has an atomic bomb in his can of grape juice?

ATC: Listen flight DC132, I can't authorize an emergency landing because you have a passenger who's cutting his nails and has a can of grape juice.

CPT: Hey! ??? Do you listen to the news a little?

ATC: Yes, like everyone.

CPT: Alright then, wake up!

ATC: Uh, okay, You're right... we can't take a chance, can we?. We're sending two F-18s to shoot down your flight. Thank you for your vigilance. We won't forget your "sacrifice." Over.

CPT: Hello? Control Tower? Hello?

FO: Bravo! Well done, really well done!

CPT: Control tower? Hello? This is DC132... Control tower?



Le PILOT (part 2):

FO: Captain?

CPT: What do you want now?

FO: The air traffic controller - when he said he's sending two F-18s to shoot us down, do you think he was serious?

CPT: Of course not! You know they're a bunch of jokers - those air traffic controllers.

FO: Then what are those two little dots on the radar rapidly closing on us?

CPT: Oh no! It can't be true... It can't be true.

F18: Hello flight DC132... Are you receiving me? (speaks with a definite English accent.)

CPT: Yes, This is Flight DC132. Ah.. What can we do for you?

F18: This is commander McCoy of the Royal Canadian Air Force. You have an atomic bomb hidden in a can of grape juice and I have orders to shoot you down.

CPT: Whoa! Just a minute there....commander McCoy... heh heh... let's all remain calm...let's not push any buttons. This whole story is a big misunderstanding. There is No Atomic Bomb in the can! There is no atomic bomb in the can!

F18: Are you absolutely sure of what you're saying?

CPT: "Full" certain. The can of grape juice contains nothing but grape juice. It's confirmed and verified. There is NO ATOMIC BOMB IN THE CAN. Abort! Abort!

F18: Okay, but can you describe for me the passenger who's behavior is suspicious?

CPT: It' just some little guy from Chicoutimi with freckles. He does not have a turban. I repeat "He doesn't wear a turban..." There are no suspicious persons on my airplane. Everything is fine. We have started the film, and everyone is happy. Abort! Abort!

F18: Well, okay. But as a security measure I request you land at the military runway in the far north of Quebec situated near Kuujuak.

FO: Where's that?

CPT: Kuujuak... it's way at the other side. Even the eskimos find it far. Commander McCoy, our passengers are going to Fort Lauderdale and I can't take them to Kuujuak.

F18: This is 'non negotiable.' Change heading right away or I will be forced to shoot you down.

FO: Turn the airplane! Turn the airplane right now - captain?!

CPT: Roger, commandent McCoy. "Take it easy... don't push the little button on the joystick..." We are taking the heading for Kuujuak "right away."

F18: Understood. Over

FO: Bravo (well done). A little routine flight to Fort Lauderdale with a stop-over in Kuujuak.

CPT: Ah, shut up.

FO: Well done. Way-to-go...

Le PILOT (part 2):


Soaring Student said...

I thought the only things a FO were allowed to say to Le Capitan were

1. Nice landing, and
2. I'll take the fat one.

Aluwings said...

Some captains require, shall we say, a more direct approach...? ha ha.