Feb 1, 2007

Flight Simulators

When I began my career, flight simulators were pretty crude. They had a limited degree of motion and the visual system if installed at all, was a CRT screen mounted in front of each pilot which only displayed the outline of a generic night-time runway.

Top-of-the-line Level D simulators now go way beyond accurate flight and systems simulation. Through the use of sounds and vibrations and wrap-around 3D visual displays they produce a convincing experience of flight. So much so, that now pilots progress directly from their flight test in the simulator, to flying the line under supervision while carrying a normal load of unsuspecting revenue passengers.

This all comes with a large price tag though. A Level D simulator may cost as much as the real plane.

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Aviatrix said...

I once trained in a ten million dollar simulator in order to fly a one million dollar airplane.