Feb 4, 2007

Coldest Night of the Year...

I just logged into a live aviation frequency monitor to overhear this conversation:

PILOT: Winnipeg, Jazz 8569 is with you.

ATC: Jazz 8569, Winnipeg. Cleared direct TESOM for a straight-in approach runway 31.

PILOT: Jazz 8569, direct TESOM for straight-in runway 31. We hear a nasty rumour that it's minus 36 degrees there tonight.

ATC: Affirmative. Minus 36, wind 300 degrees at five knots.

PILOT: Okay... guess we'll bundle up warm.

ATC: Unless you want to turn around and go back.

PILOT: Ah - if we only had the fuel...."

Here's the METAR in effect during that conversation:
This reminds me of a morning departure from Winnipeg several years ago when the temperature overnight had been close to minus 40 Celsius. For those readers who prefer Fahrenheit, thats still minus 40. It's cold no matter what you call it.

Due to the frigid temperatures the ramp crew had all sorts of miseries getting ground support equipment running and we had to resort to some creative tactics to get our Boeing 727 powered and ready to leave. You could say we were highly motivated -- our destination was California!

I'll try to get that story posted tomorrow. Stay warm.


Miss Mabel said...

blehhhh blehhhhhhhhhhh coldies i hate them

chris said...

And I though pre-flighting in 10*C was bad.