Jan 14, 2007

A Stitch in Time Saves... (a DC-9?)

Captain Ren Fortine* was an excellent pilot and well-liked by those who flew with him, but he was known to occasionally forget minor things. Like the day he arrived in flight planning, dropped his satchel against the far wall in 'luggage row' and then flipped the top open to retrieve a planning map. But instead of the expected manuals and approach charts, he discovered his wife's Singer sewing machine. The day before Ren had bought a spiffy new chart bag and his wife had claimed his old one for her sewing room.

A hurried phone call was made and the correct bag was soon delivered to the airport. In the meantime Ren was kept busy with requests from his amused colleagues to re-sew some loose uniform buttons.

1 comment:

DarkOpera said...

That would be a brilliant opening to a movie.

Maybe staring Captain Steve Martin!